A session is 30 minutes in length followed by a 15 to 20 minute debrief to share your experience. The debrief would be by phone if it’s a remote session. (Note: if you are outside of the U.S. I can use one of the following apps: Telegram, WatsApp, or Signal).

Quite simply, the Reconnective Healing frequencies do not subscribe to the space and time paradigm. Since all is one and space and time are not real, it doesn’t matter if the healer and client are not in the same room. The potency is equal in either scenario. In fact, sometimes remote is even better! I have worked effectively with clients thousands of miles away.

Largely, they are done in my home office here in San Diego, California. I can make an exception in some cases but largely my home office is the location. 

Please do so by emailing me via the contact tab on this website. I will get back to you as soon as possible. And if you have any further questions, I can also respond to them.

The sessions are very simple and unlike any healing approaches you may be familiar with. Whether in person or remote, there is no incense (fragrances), crystals, special jewelry, and other materials nor auditory accoutrements (e.g. music). It’s also completely non-touch and the client is fully clothed. If any of the aforementioned additives are used, they actually get in the way of the energies.

I like to frame it as we are a team. It’s you the client, me the facilitator and the energy, light and information from the Reconnective Healing frequencies. I serve as a catalyst if you will, as we receive this energy. Believe it or not, I receive during the session just like you. So, if you relax and just be without trying to manipulate the frequencies, this will provide an optimal session. I tell my clients when they are tempted to control the frequencies attempting to create certain outcomes OR if they just simply mind-wander, to come back to the word “receive”. Receiving is where the power is.

These frequencies came to Dr. Eric Pearl in 1993 while working on his chiropractic patients in Los Angeles. An entity began channeling through some of his clients as a revealing of this new all-encompassing healing. The frequencies proved to be unique and quite effective. See this website for actual scientific studies conducted whose outcomes you will find quite compelling. Over time it became evident that these frequencies of energy, light and information were unique. All kinds of outcomes have occurred for Dr. Pearl and other practitioners since those early days. If interested, you might read Dr. Pearl’s first book to learn more about the beginnings: The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself (available on Amazon).

All clients are different and outcomes cannot be predicted. However, the frequencies offer infinite possibilities. You may or may not receive exactly what you are looking for. One of the main gifts of a session is to bring to the fore your coherence, stability and balance. Specific physical and emotional outcomes are possible but not guaranteed. Also, things you didn’t expect could occur (e.g. a new job opportunity, a more relaxed relationship with your partner or spouse, improved finances, true connection in your spiritual life, and more).

Absolutely not. Continue with your physician’s care and instructions. I am not a trained medical professional and make no claims that what I do, should replace your current protocol. Before a session with me, you’ll receive a disclaimer form to sign that will explain all this thoroughly.